F1 Cleaner 125ml Spray Bottle
Part Number
Alternate Part Numbers
CA99501-0013 / FI-C100CF1 / PA03950-0354

F1 Cleaner (C3H8O) - 125ml Spray bottle used to clean optics glasses, all rollers, guides, external trays and accessories.


Suitable for all Fujitsu model scanners. Substitute for part # CA99501-0013 (100ml) bottle. 


Note: PA03950-0354 - Bulk pack of F1 Cleaner (25 bottles),  please call 1800 335 918 for pricing.


(Image is for display purposes only may be different depending upon the country of origin)
Note: For international shipping F1 Cleaner is supplied as PA03950-0352 (100 ml), SDS available on request.



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