F2 Cleaner - Note: Model specific
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F2 cleaner is for use with the following Fujitsu scanner models: Cleans most of Fujitsu scanner's hard rollers.

Suitable for use with the M Series scanners. fi-4340C, fi-6670, fi-5750C, fi-5650C, fi-6770, fi-5900C*.


For hard and metal rollers only. Please ensure Cleaner F2 is NOT used on Rubber Rollers or 'soft' rollers.


* Do not use Cleaner F2 on fi-5900C Scanner, Serial # 100001 and above or that has Rubber Rollers installed. Call 1800 335 918 for additional information.


Part # PA03950-0353. Alt P# CA-99501-0014 (CA99501-0014) (Bulk pack - 25 bottles Part # CA91001-2317)

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