Brake Roller
Part Number

It is recommended that the Pick Rollers be changed at the same time as the Brake Roller as both parts are rated for 200,000 scans.


Also available is a Consumables Set with 24 x Staticide Cleaning Wipes, part # PA03670-CSW.
1 x Brake Roller, part #: PA03670-0001
1 x Pick Rollers, kit of 2 rollers, part #: PA03670-0002
24 x Cleaning Wipes, Staticide wipes pack of 24 wipes, part # SW-12

To order the Consumables Set with Cleaning Wipes Click Here


Pick and Brake Rollers are rated for approximately 200,000 sheets or one year, shafts not included, rollers should be fitted to existing shafts.

$29.70 AUD
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