ScanAid Cleaning kit , no consumables (600,000 scans)
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ScanAid - Help yourself and save
ScanAid is a factory-authorised cleaning kit complete with instructions and cleaning supplies.
ScanAid serves as an indispensable preventative maintenance tool that helps improve performance, reduce service costs, and keep your scanner running at peak performance.

Kit Contents -
2 x F1 Cleaner (125 ml)*,
3 x 20 Pack Cleaning Sheets (60 sheets),
4 x 20 Pack Cleaning Cloth (80 sheets),
1 x 100 Pack Cleaning Swabs,
1 x Cleaning Instructions (DVD).

The quoted consumable life is the estimated life based upon the use of A4/Letter wood-free or wood-containing paper. This assumes correct operation and routine care at the intervals described in the operators guide. Actual life of consumables may vary according to the type of paper used and how frequently the scanner is used and cleaned. It is recommended that the scanner is cleaned more frequently when used with chemically treated or carbonless papers. (Image is for display purposes only may be different deepening upon the country of origin) * For international shipping F1 Cleaner is supplied as PA03950-0352 (100 ml), SDS available on request.

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