Receipt Assy for iX1400 / iX1500 / iX1600
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Receipt Assy for the ScanSnap X1400 / iX1500 / iX1600

Note: A Receipt Assy ships standard with the iX1400 / iX1500 / iX1600

When you scan business cards or receipts, attaching the Receipt Guide to the ScanSnap makes it easy to scan them. By using the Receipt Guide for business cards and receipts, you can place documents with different widths such as receipts in it to scan them at the same time.

Documents that can be scanned with the Receipt Guide

The Receipt Guide allows you to load three kinds of documents. It allows you to load different-sized documents in each loading section to scan them at the same time.

In addition, you can move side guides, or close the ADF paper chute (cover) to turn the power off with the Receipt Guide attached to the ScanSnap. Therefore, you do not need to attach and remove the Receipt Guide every time you use it


Note: This part is for the White iX1400 / iX1500 / iX1600, it is technically the same part just a different color. It will fit either the Black or the White iX1400 iX1500 / iX1600 and operate correctly.

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